BurqaBarn: Dress Your Woman in Style!

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A post by AggieSoonerMom on her blog ( ) who claims BurqaBarn was her idea:

Ten Reasons Why Wearing a Burqa Might Not Be All Bad

1. No more bad hair days.
2. No more bad skin days.
3. They're the great figure equalizer; everybody looks 52-52-52.
4. You can stare at people and make faces and nobody will be able to tell.
5. Purchase one or two boxes of X-large Hefty bags, and your wardrobe is set for a full year.
6. Annoying people you wish to avoid won't know it's you under there.
7. Uncomfortable, constraining undergarments not required.
8. No one will know your age.... or sex, for that matter.
9. In a pinch, it could double as a tent.
10. You can smuggle a really large hoagie and a six-pack of beer into the stadium.

So, in case we are every conquered by Muslim extremists, it will be important to look on the bright side. Those daily stonings can really get you down.



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More pictures from Free Republic:

How about the 2006 Patriotic Burka?

Hey, wait! Before you go, how about a nice little burka for the kids?

While you're shopping, have you seen the new summer style? We embroider free . . .




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Islamo-Fashions in London:

Islamo-Fashionista submit their Autumn/ Winter 2007/8 collections. The elegant scarf around the insolent woman's face is designed to hide bruises, broken nose, and missing teeth she will be duly rewarded with when her master finds out that she failed to cover her lower meat portions.

Image Image



Dear Comrade:

I hope you realize just how terribly politically incorrect all this burqa-bashing is. I mean, day after day, hour after hour, we are scolded into accepting that Muslims shall have special rights in our society, that we all must make special accomodations so they will not feel "uncomfortable."

Perhaps a better way to fight back would be to insist upon getting the party's message out in a similarly in-your-face fashion (well, except for those wearing a burqa). For example, standing on streetcorners with loudspeakers, barking out Communist principles. Er wait... that's already happening in most university campuses around the nation. Hm. Well, how about special Marx-worshipping rooms in airports and arenas? See, then we can all "have our say."

OK, now I've given myself a proletariat-sized headache.

Carry on with the most excellent work, Chairman... love the magazine cover!!!




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I'd like to see a picture of a nun who went shopping without her garb and was beaten for it by her husband.

Your logic, Liberal, suggests that in a Muslim society all women are expected to be nuns. You can't possibly believe that 100% of them are willing. Your argument disproves itself.

I guess rushing to judgment with half-baked thoughts is what makes one a Liberal.

It's the same thinking that led Western liberals to believe that 100% of Soviets were willing builders of communism under the glorious leadership of [insert your favorite Soviet leader here]
Or that 100% of Iraqis supported Saddam Hussein and repeatedly re-elected him to his post. Or that 100% of Persians support the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and want to live in a mullocracy.

The next time you want to make a similar argument about Muslim women, please first ask yourself whether you would like to be a woman in a Muslim society.



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I am compelled to revive this thread with this painting by an Iranian artist living in the West.

Nicky Nodjoumi
The Seduction of Mullah Mohammed, 2003
Oil on Canvas
68 x 50 inches

...and also with this photo in the "life imitates art" category:




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This one is not exactly a burqa, but it's surely a big step towards popularizing cinch bags as appropriate female cover.




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It is so sad that the First Lady always looks angry and put out in her photos. I think we should all feel sad with her. That way, in some small way, we could be as good as her...always angry at the injustices of a world that kept her husband and herself from power and achievement solely due to their race. If only America was a better place, a just place, a place where dreams can come true, she wouldn't be so sad, and His Obamaness would have been elected president. It truly is a comment on the vicious racism of our culture that he did not win the presidency. Oh wait a minute...he DID win! She IS the First Lady!

...Then why does she still look so angry?