Ask Kommissar a question, infidel dog!

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I think I agree with Comrade_Smirnoff... wait, I'm not allowed to think, the party is supposed to do that for me. Then I will wait for a sign from the party to tell me what to think.



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Hey Bob!

I haven't heard any nice things ABOUT ME coming from you lately. And you call yourself Mouthpiece of the Party. Ok Mr. Mouthpiece, here's a pre-owned Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky used cigar for your piehole. I hope you enjoy its tuna-like flavor. Bill did. Now get back to real work and get my puff (no pun intended) pieces out there or it's a spider hole for you too.

Looking Great in 2008,

No cigar ever tasted as sweet as this one, or royal one! You infidels do know a few things about hygiene, let me tell you - not like that Baghdad whore I used to spice my cigars with in the good old days at the Ministry of Information. Thanx!

BTW, is it true that Monica stuck Bill's cigars up her butt so that he would quit smoking? And is it also true that even though Bill did quit smoking, Monica still continues to stick cigars where the sun don't shine because the habit turned out to be addictive?

Speaking of addiction, are we on for Friday again?


Your Baghdad Bobby



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Baghdad Bob
Why would a man of your obvious talents to persuade others come to Amerika--where there is an excess of mainstream media persons--all trying to emulate you? Is it to serve as an inspiration, and role model?

It is my fervent hope that you will take your place as the Blue State Truth Detector--a challenger to the running dog Limbaugh. CNN has been in a ratings slump, losing market share to the infidel Fox (are foxes fuwaysiqah?) Network. CNN would certainly be a good fit for a man of your obvious talents--it is about time someone challenged O'Reilly and Hannity (Colmes looks like he has recently returned from a re-education camp). I have not heard from Radio Free Air Amerika lately--perhaps you could take some of the oil-for food money and help them purchase electricity and air time to spread our glorious message through the Blue States--telling them that all is NOT lost.

Here in the People's Republic of Minnesota ("where absolutely NOTHING is legal"), we are not only the home of the Hero of the Socialist Republic Al Franken, but we are the leading producer of "neutral grain spirits" (alcohol). There is so much alcohol in this Socialist Paradise that the bourgeois Capitalists are MANDATED by the local government to run it in their cars (for which they do not even need government permission to acquire!) Yes! I swear this is true!

PLEASE, Baghdad Bob--come to the People's Republic of Minnesota, and spread your truth and message of hope to the Blue State Believers!



I thought you were dead!