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Chthonic Gun-Bearing Ohioans for De-Founding the Homes of Hippies.



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Dearest Comerades,

I was tortured tonight by bourgeois thugs who forced me to submit multiple posts by brainwashing me into believing the Internet was being taken down for its yearly cleaning. Do forgive me for flooding this topic. Meanwhile, I have outwitted these fascist pigs, and learned to use the marvelous Group Name generator, which has produced the following:

Chauvinist Heterosexuals for Unsafe Meals

Very amusing, but I like PETA better (people for eating tasty animals)

How did I get rid of the fascist b@stards, I hear you ask? By chanting the song we all learned in Pionieri:

Eat your pineapples and your fat little chicks/ for tomorrow you DIE you bourgeois pigs!!!!

It really confused them, because they didn't have any pineapple or chicken around.



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Agitated Pensioners For Transparent Ejaculations



Commissar Pupovich wrote:HBO has already been taken by Commissarka Pinkie.... for Hate Bush Orgasm.

As they say in MOCKBA: "Ochen' Zhal' " (very sorry). I am a newbie on the forum and
missed that one!

Syn Sobaki



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Smersh was captured by Insurgents in Afghanistan.



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ommunity Organizing Progressives Ordering Unjust Taxation