Email probe finds Oval Office replica in Hillary's compound

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CHAPPAQUA, NEW YORK – More proof of Hillary Clinton's compulsive presidential aspirations was revealed today by a former aide, Tyrone Gibson, who stepped forward to confirm the existence of a realistic replica of the Oval Office housed deep inside the Clinton compound in Chappaqua, NY, complete with high-definition virtual reality LCD "windows" that display views from the real Oval Office, including real-time weather and even the time of day.

The room is located in the same basement as the restricted facility containing Hillary Clinton's personal email server, which also happens to be a mock State Department machine. A Congressional inquiry into Mrs. Clinton's emails during her tenure as the Secretary of State has also led to an accidental discovery of the Oval Office replica.

Gibson said its construction started shortly after Clinton's failed presidential bid about six years ago, and was personally supervised by Hillary Clinton herself. Costing taxpayers roughly 125 million dollars, it was reported as an educational initiative, even though it has never been open to anyone except family members, select servants, and Clinton's personal aides.

"We were told to always address her as 'Madam President' whenever we set foot inside 'The Room', as we called it," Gibson said, noting that any other form of address would lead to a harsh punishment. "Sometimes she'd spend hours on the phone, talking to dead foreign leaders like Saddam Hussein and Moammar Ghaddafi," he said. "But the strange part was, the phone line had never been installed."

Servants who worked at the Clinton estate confirmed that Mrs. Clinton's demeanor would change in terrifying ways when she entered The Room. "There was some weird feeling about that place, as if something crawled under your skin as soon as you walked through that door," said a former butler at the estate, Lou Merryweather. "Every so often we were told to serve food and act as if the room was full of foreign dignitaries having a lunch meeting with Madam President, but she was the only person there."

"Sometimes she wouldn't come out for days," recalled Merryweather. "After a week or so her clothes were all dirty, her hair a mess, and she had that special body odor about her. She'd just sit there with an intense look on her face, and when we tried to talk to her, it was as if she didn't see us. Her therapist was afraid to go down there after that incident when she screamed 'my precious!' and threw a marble paperweight in his face. I had to drive him to the emergency room; his head required twelve stitches."

When it was getting this bad, the servants would call her husband. "Mr. Clinton was the only one who could talk her out of it, but he wasn't always around," said the former butler.

Though many believe this discovery may be crippling to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, her famously gifted husband seems to have found a way to turn the bad news into political capital.

In an emotional statement appealing to the American voters, former President Bill Clinton acknowledged his wife's suffering and pleaded with everyday Americans to elect her into the White House out of mercy.

"If you don't feel her pain, you don't have a heart," said the former President, warning that if Hillary isn't elected, not only he but the nation as well may forever lose Mrs. Clinton to psychotic megalomania. "You don't want to be anywhere near the Western hemisphere when that happens," concluded Mr. Clinton.

(Additional reporting by Mr. & Mrs. Red Square)



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Comrade Chedoh, who said all of it is a replica?

Remember the time the Clintons left the White House? They took the oval office with them. The real replica is in the White House.



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Hammer and Loupe wrote:Comrade Chedoh, who said all of it is a replica?

Remember the time the Clintons left the White House? They took the oval office with them. The real replica is in the White House.
This is true. If you look closely at the computer(s) in the compound's Oval Office, you will see that all the W's have been removed from the keyboards and replaced with H's, whereas in the White House replica, all keys have been replaced with O's.



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All karefully rekonstrukted in the kompound thanks to generous donations to the Klinton Family Foundation. The Klintons are so poor (just like us), they kouldn't have done it without you!

BTW, I'm sure that Bill is making use of the intern access door in the front of the desk while Hillary is out on the kampaign trail bashing Hobby Lobby for taking away workers' choice and toppling the 1% to save the middle klass.



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Wow! Creepy. It's like the movie Sunset Boulevard. Hillary thinks she's making her big come-back but actually she is just a sick twisted very pathetic crazy lady like Norma Desmond.

She's ready for her close-up. Take her away.



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In a recent speech event in Kansas, Mr Clinton spoke to members of the Christian and Catholic coalition in which he pleaded, " Elect her for Christ Sake"!



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There is no current truth to rumors of SEAL Team 6 or any other similar unit yet to be identified conducting rehearsals of entry into or back out of this replica(and making DAMN good time) for any operation that may or may not take place before Next Tuesday ™