Whitney Houston Funeral: Celebrities Speak

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Stevie Wonder: I never saw her look so beautiful.

Jay Z: Be sure you buy my 'Whitney's Dead' t-shirt.

Bobby Brown: Even in death, I still felt like beating her up.

Puff Daddy: See? She didn't vote -- and now she's dead.

Bill Maher: Drug addict, lousy mother – but she was still cool, just like Barack Obama.

Jon Stewart: It honestly wouldn't surprise me if conservatives did this to her.

Barack Obama, tweeting: Whitney, I will avenge the unspeakable crime by Mitt Romney which lead directly to your death.

Al Sharpton: Barack is wrong. The damn Jews killed Whitney. Hey, anybody seen my car?

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: Does this mean the money's dried up?

Rep. John Conyers: I hope she read her will before she signed it.

Speaker John Bohener, press statement: Henceforth, theretofore heretherof, let it be said and known, hencewiththeretoforeergotowittherof, to wit thereofheretoforehencewith.

Andrea Mitchell, NBC: I wonder if Republicans even care.

Samuel L. Jackson: The damn bitch just laid there.

Scarlett Johanson: At least they didn't put her in a sweater vest.

Chris Mathews: It sent a tingle down my leg. Or was that.... Oh, not again! Now my pants are soaking wet!

Bill Clinton: Very moving. The first time I was ever moved to put my hand down the front of a dead woman's dress.

Orlando Jones: Too bad it ain't Sarah Palin lyin' there dead like that.

Jimmy Falon: I wish the band was here, we could have struck up "Lying' Ass Bitch," as they carried her body out.

Will Smith: The biggest pity is she'll never see my new place in Malibu.

Brad Pitt: Seeing a dead body... Now I'm really depressed.

Jesse Jackson: Racism is what killed her.

Michael Moore:
Is there food somewhere?

Michelle Obama: Is there free food somewhere?

Her pharmacist: I will miss her.




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Wait, she's still dead? Oprah hasn't brought her back to life to film a special? Who's dropping the ball here?



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Comrades: Whitney was a useful tool in keeping the unwashed masses distracted with both her singing and her personal antics as they toiled away. Her funeral was an especially important ritual that will clearly help keep African Americans on the Dem plantation. Time will only tell if she remains a useful historical figure for Rev Jackson to occasionally mention. If not, she may be erased permanently or have her named changed completely to someone more suitable in the next purge.....




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Notice how Jesse Jackson always has to get his fat mug in every shot? Image
And the proles weep in sadness...



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As Rev. Wright said, "Everyone on god damn earth will sorely miss her." Gosh.....It had been so many years since I'd heard any of her songs. I had almost completely forgotten that she is the most beautiful and talented singer that ever lived. In fact, if it hadn't been for her tragic death I may have forgotten about her entirely. I mean, how sad is that? I don't know if it's already been mentioned but she was black too. Just like, you know... all those other ones. Which speaks volumes to the immense and unnecessary challenges she must have faced. If it hadn't been for our shameful parents and grandparents Whitney may still be alive today.



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Whitney Houston? I thought Houston was a City in Texas.
She is dead? Why? Was she authorized to die?
If this is an authorized death then it is of no importance. If it is unauthorized then someone must pay for violating Policy.
Can we plant beets on her grave so that she may continue to be of use to the State?
Had I known I am sure I would have watched the event on the State Run Media however if it occurred on the day I was slated for beet growth watch I would have missed it anyway.
I wonder what Stevie Wonder saw in her...................



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Elton John's beautiful and moving rendition of the classic "Candle under the crack pipe" brought tears to my eyes



Kanye West: Whitney, I'mma let you finish, but Michael Jackson had the greatest funeral of all time!



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John Lenin wrote:Kanye West: Whitney, I'mma let you finish, but Michael Jackson had the greatest funeral of all time!
This is probably the best so far!



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Her publicist confirmed that she will be voting for Obama in the fall.



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Panem Et Circenses wrote:Her publicist confirmed that she will be voting for Obama in the fall.
Not at all unusual in her State.