Planting with Nancy: Political Gardening for the Common Good

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Political Gardening
for the Common Good™

Planting is not just for gardeners anymore!

In this issue:
Excellent plants that make Republicans look bad
40 high-impact low-care plants
How to match a plant to its pot
Plants vs. radio waves: dos and don’ts
Cleanup tips - it’s easier than you think!
GUESS THAT PLANT! New contest on page 80.
Spreading fertilizer across the fruited plain
Planting far and wide: learning from Johnny Appleseed

New for Spring 2012
Campaign Plant Instructions:
• Plant in front of the microphone
• Sprinkle generously with media attention
• Plant should come into full bloom in middle of congressional hearing
• Once plant has outlived its usefulness, discard in compost pile
CAUTION: Do not get hands dirty while handling plant




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Why can’t people see that this entire scam is just a portion of a certain national (socialist) party’s war on liberty and freedom?



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Comrade Šterpin wrote:Image

Why can’t people see that this entire scam is just a portion of a certain national (socialist) party’s war on liberty and freedom?
Excuse ME, Comrade - in need of reeducation - Šterpin, but in case you have forgotten, true, progressive freedom and liberty consist of being able to engage in any lifestyle you choose without consequences and at the expense of the taxpayer!

Now make sure your shovel is in good working order, and we will see you at your home (don't bother with directions, we know where you live) tonight between midnight and 2:00 AM. Don't forget the borscht and cookies.

Also recall, this is for the good of THE PEOPLE ™.



Idea to run with.
Did you see the bit with Pelosi doing these little trumpets sounds and saying here comes this little King?
Now think of the name of Hairy Reed. That's a name for a strong, muscular, tall, handsome man who's word actually means something.

Then Pelosi does her little trumpet sounds and out comes Harry Reid, pencil-necked, stooped-over ditz.



Pelosi doing the goofy trumpet sounds



BTW, Obama is now being compared to Neville Chamberlain the infamous appeasement artist of Britain.



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Students, compare and contrast.... Image



Submit your responses in writing by Next Tuesday. Dismissed.



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Nanski is holding the biggest applicator of hemorrhoid medication I have ever seen. Her office should contact Guiness Book of Records.