Mitt and Marco: the WASP and the WHISP

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Mainstream Media's
For Slanted Race-Bating News Coverage

Elite Minority status
- Unconditional media sympathies
- “Say Anything” Unlimited Media Pass
- Eligible to host an MSNBS show
- Platinum member of Minority Entitlements Club

Premium Minority status
- Moderate media sympathies
- Some risk of non-compliance with media narrative
- Eligible for government benefits
- Ineligible to work as a senior news analyst at NPR

Subprime Minority Status
- All bets are off
- Lawful target for collective punishment, show trials
- Gainful employment required
- No swanky entitlements or jury sympathy

Additional reporting by General Secretary



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Comrade Square, this is truly a shocking development, especially in light of the fact that - according to the reich-wing birthers - this Rubio >spit< isn't qualified to be vice president anyway, since neither of his parents were American citizens when he was born!




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We need ways to alleviate guilt if we are going to play this game. Here is the Buffett modifier card. If you denounce your riches and verbally support socialism, you get to keep all your money and feel better about yourself.

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Here's more buffet for all you hooligans



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Personally, as a devout Progessive, I keep an up-to-date collection of Sherwin-Williams paint sample cards with me at all times. Then I am able to compare it to individuals' skin tones to decipher if I should wantonly attack them or blindly support them.



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Bill Maher: Since my chart says you’re a pig, let’s skip the debate and go straight to insults.

A note to Pinkie: it's time to resurrect the "free HBO" meme again.

Only instead of "Hate Bush Orgasm" it now stands for Help Barack Obama.



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Red Square wrote:Image

Mitt Romney is rumored to disobey the mainstream media's Hispanic Skin Color Advisory System while vetting vice-presidential candidates. According to experts, the likely Republican VP candidate, Marco Rubio, who is of Cuban descent, is too light-skinned to be considered fully Hispanic, falling under a subprime minority group classification as White Hispanic, or WHISP.

WHO KNEW that Marco Rubio was separated at birth from some Mormon teenybopper hasbeen?



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Not uninteresting (from WPedia, whatever its worth as παιδεία*) :

* παιδεία (paideia/paedeia, lat. paedia) : education, upbringing.
Turns out, the Occident with its White/Black/Yellow/Red spectrum
is on pre-troglodyte level in matters of melanin-sensitivity
compared to Latin America or Latino General :
To which Comrade Google Translator says :
Comrade Google Translator is a likable guy, yet nobody is perfect, and so :

Comrade Spanish Dict/Traductor supplements
(while indicating diffs between countries/regions) :

jipato - (pálido) pale; wan; (enclenque) sickly; frail; (soso) tasteless.
jojoto - [fruta] (manchado) bruised; (inmaduro) green; underripe; [maíz] tender.
trigueño - (pelo) corn-colored; dark blond; olive-skinned; (mulato) dark-skinned.
pinto - piebald, speckled, spotted.
jovero - ???
jabao - (Cuba) (cesto) straw basket; (Caribe) (bolsa) beggar's bag; poverty.
canelo - golden brown, cinnamon.
quemao - (general) burning; (México) (peligro) danger; garbage dump (United States).
prieto - (colloquial)
(ref. to someone with dark skin) (Honduras) (Mexico) (Nicaragua) dark-skinned;
(ref. to someone who is black) (Cuba) (Dominican Republic) (Puerto Rico) black.
cocolo - ???, yet coco - (colloquial) (ugly peson) (Spain) butt ugly.



Mrs. Red Square wrote:Speaking of color-coded advisory systems, here are some Cube classics you don't want to miss:

Color-Coded Beard Dye Formulas For Jihad Alert System

Excellent job, Comrade. Time to tell the people, that MUSLIM is NOT A RACE, it is a religion.