March 8: Happy Internat'l Woman's Day! We're all Women Now!

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International Women's Day: Who was Clara Zetkin?

Guardian wrote:Originally known as International Working Women's Day, its roots lie in the socialist, rather than feminist, struggle of the early 20th century. Although national days had been celebrated prior to 1911, the 18 March of that year marked the first International day, following a proposal from German communist Clara Zetkin.

Zetkin had been involved with the socialist movement in Germany since the 1870's, and her name frequently came up in Manchester Guardian reports on the annual International Socialist and Trade Unions Congress. She was also a fervent campaigner for women's rights and universal suffrage, although, as this profile by Shelley Holland, published in the Guardian in 1992, illustrates, Zetkin believed socialism was the only movement that 'could truly serve the needs of working-class women' - and that feminism was the preserve of the upper and middle-classes.
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Clara Zetkin died in 1933. In her obituary, the Manchester Guardian referred to her as the 'grandmother of communism,' yet the legacy of International Women's Day, and her contribution to it, should also be recognised, and celebrated.




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