July 4th Tea Party Posters from the Cube (Tea Party Organ)

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[html]Some of these images are new, some are older. We hope you will print them out for the coming Tea Parties.<br><br><table width="606" border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" bgcolor="#999999"><tr><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="/images/TeaParties/Washington_Che.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="/images/TeaParties/Washington_Che_200.jpg" width="200" height="283" border="0"></a> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="/images/TeaParties/UncleSam_Finger_English.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="/images/TeaParties/UncleSam_Finger_English_200.gif" width="200" height="267" border="0"></a><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="/images/TeaParties/Cap_in_Hand.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="/images/TeaParties/Cap_in_Hand_200.jpg" width="200" height="275" border="0"></a><tr> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="/images/TeaParties/Obamanomics_Rigged_Game.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="/images/TeaParties/Obamanomics_Rigged_Game_200.gif" width="200" height="267" border="0"></a> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="/images/TeaParties/Obama_Dizzy_Double_Large.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="/images/TeaParties/Obama_Dizzy_Double_200.jpg" width="200" height="271" border="0"></a> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="/images/TeaParties/Obama_Spread_Your_Wealth.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="/images/TeaParties/Obama_Spread_Your_Wealth_200.gif" width="200" height="300" border="0"></a></table> ~<table width="606" border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" bgcolor="#999999"><tr> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="/images/TeaParties/Founding_Fathers.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="/images/TeaParties/Founding_Fathers_300.gif" width="300" height="273" border="0"></a> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="/images/TeaParties/AynRand_Absurdities_Quote.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="/images/TeaParties/AynRand_Absurdities_Quote_300.gif" width="300" height="200" border="1"></a></table> <table width="606" border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" bgcolor="#999999"><tr> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="/images/TeaParties/I-Heart-CentralPlanning.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="/images/TeaParties/I-Heart-CentralPlanning_200.gif" width="200" height="200" border="0"></a> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="/images/Denver/Cure_Prescription.jpg" target="_blank"><img src=" ... iption.gif" width="200" height="117" border="0"></a><br><br> <a href="/images/Denver/Obama_Starry_Eyed.jpg" target="_blank"><img src=" ... y_Eyed.gif" width="200" height="133" border="0"></a><br> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="/images/Denver/StopExhaling.jpg" target="_blank"><img src=" ... haling.jpg" width="200" height="300" border="0"></a><tr> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="/images/Denver/Opiate_of_the_asses2.jpg" target="_blank"><img src=" ... asses2.gif" width="200" height="300" border="0"></a> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="/images/Denver/PiggyBank_ClassEnvy_Vote.jpg" target="_blank"><img src=" ... y_Vote.jpg" width="200" height="255" border="0"></a> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="/images/TeaParties/HorsesAss_Manure.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="/images/TeaParties/HorsesAss_Manure_200.gif" width="200" height="296" border="0"></a></table> <h1>SIGNS FROM SUPERCOMMISSAR MAKSIM: </h1> <table width="606" border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" bgcolor="#999999"><tr> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="/images/TeaParties/Maksim_3_Stooges_200.jpg" width="200" height="284" border="0"></a> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="/images/TeaParties/Maksim_Cap_us_200.jpg" width="200" height="278" border="0"></a> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="/images/TeaParties/Maksim_Liberty_200.gif" width="200" height="200" border="0"></a><tr> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="/images/TeaParties/Maksim_Atlas_200.gif" width="200" height="200" border="0"></a> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="/images/TeaParties/Maksim_FreeMarkets_200.gif" width="200" height="200" border="0"></a> <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="/images/TeaParties/Maksim_USSA_200.gif" width="200" height="153" border="0"></a></table> <p><b>STEP 1:</b> Click on the image to open a large high resolution file.<br> <b>STEP 2:</b> Print it out at home or at your local Kinko's.<br> <b>STEP 3:</b> Take a photo of it at the rally and post it in the comments below or email it to us at <a href=""></a>.</p> <p>Enjoy!</p>[/html]



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Can we add suggestions?

Regulate Government



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Great idea. And it's also so simple to make that people can just write it on the placards themselves.

Of course progs don't believe in the ability of the markets to regulate the government. Why even phrase the question that way unless you want to make a straw dog? Notice the slogan of that prog website: "Take Texas Back." When was Texas ever theirs? But it's a common prog expression: when they want something that isn't theirs, they say they want it back. Isn't that what children do?

In fact, the whole "taking America back" movement on part of the progs strikes me as a desire to return to the child-like state of safety, security, and no responsibility for their own actions. Since this country was never really theirs except for the period of the Great Depression, "back" must mean not a historical time, but rather a psychological state of indulgent children living safely at the expense of their parents. When they "grow up" physically but not mentally, they suffer the separation anxiety and find big government as a replacement for the loving parents, so that they could once again enjoy safety without any responsibility. Everything else in their messy and contradictory ideology is just a rationalization of that longing. That is why arguing with them on concrete points is, well, pointless.

All progs want stability, safety, and security at the expense of liberty. In this, they have the financial backing of rich progs, for whom big and intrusive government would make their privileges permanent through the elimination of competition and arrested upward mobility. Then they can just relax and occasionally trow alms at the permanently unwashed, feeling wonderfully smug and charitable.

On a related note, I found this cartoon. Looks like the dancing children have learned an important lesson. Then they grew up and took over the government.


Remember -



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I love the Cap and Trade/Cap in Hand tomorrow. Comrade Red Square, you need to be cloned. That way, you can be in New York and Chicago at the same time.




I like all your work. I've been using Obamanure for a while.

I've made some anti-Obama bumper stickers:

Barry the Empty Leisure Suit
Chains You Can Believe In ☭
Climate BHOax
Dreams From My Bomber
Obamartini- Made with Absolut YellowBarry
The Flim-Flam Obaman
The Won Term Wonder



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I saw this recently on a new white Cadillac Escalade and nearly drove off the road:

Call Me To Professionally Remove Your Obama/Biden Bumper Sticker.
Free Consultation
We Do Yard Signs

"Ask about a clean wipe for your hard drive."



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We are getting some pictures.

Rick Gaber ( ) from Orlando, FL sent us these. The Snake Oil poster was not in our collection here but it's a picture Supercommissar Maksim did to illustrate Ivan Betinov's post on Snake Oil. The lady holding it said she wants a T-shirt with that image. Wink-wink, Supercommissar, nudge-nudge.






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A Cube Party Member from Dayton, OH:

Running-Dog Capitalist wrote:The Dayton, Ohio, Tea Party on Friday, July 3rd was a great success. The local fire department chief estimated that about 5000 Thought-Criminals assembled. I used some of Superkommissar Maksim's artwork for my sign. Many of the Thought-Criminals enjoyed his inventiveness. This was an excellent way for the Thought-Police to identify the worst Thought-Criminals because they would laugh [the horror!] at the parody of our DEAR LEADER.

Sadly, the Thought-Police from the Department of Homeland Scrutiny had no excuse to disperse the mob. The right-wing extremist rabble protesting DEAR LEADER'S enlightened policies controlled themselves for some strange reason and did not burn the park to the ground. They didn't even litter. The right-wing scum need to take some lessons from sec-prog protesters on the proper way to conduct a rally.

Running-Dog Capitalist




well done..and cheers for the great success for the Tea PArty!



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Behind the enemy lines in People's Republic Of (Kanton) Ohio:

Even the RethugliKKKans acknowledged Dear Leader's Brilliant Leadership....



We also must be on guard for "time warp" enemy technology...


end report...



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So many counter-revolutionaries!

Clearly, The Party™ has it's work cut out for it for a very long time to come!



I came up with this version of the one from Navigator:

Let Down by OBS? Call for Free Obama Bumper Sticker Removal



And more:

My President was an Honor Student at a Muslim School in Jakarta

I ♥ Fox News t-shirt worn by Kim Jong il and Other Foes of BO (needs work)




User avatar ... erprotest/


Not a Fourth of July Tea Party but a Ninth of July Obamacare protest in NC. That looks like Cubework in the center.



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Thanks, Pinkie! I reposted it in the thread where this picture came from -

- ... 9197#69197

And we even have a comment there from the person who made that sign.



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July 11 Myrtle Beach, SC Tea Party



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These are great! Thanks, Comrade 9!

I just moved the images above to our own people's server, but I noticed that the original ones were linked from, a Myrtle Beach, SC newspaper.

So I went there and easily found today's story. On the left there's a link that says "Signs from the Myrtle Beach Tea Party," and it leads to a great slide show that also contains our images. wrote: Sunday, Jul. 12, 2009
Protesters vent anger at lawmakers' free spending
By Aliana Ramos -

Tired of watching lawmakers' seemingly endless spending, Billie and Jim Gunn of Murrells Inlet proudly stood with their protest signs at Grand Park Saturday.

"Tax and spend not the way to go! Tell Congress stop it!" Jim Gunn's sign read.

More than 300 people braved the heat and sun to listen to speakers at the second Myrtle Beach Tea Party and protest against more government spending, health care reform, taxation caps, school choice and illegal immigration.
A large crowd gathered on the grass across from Market Common for the Tea Party rally, Saturday afternoon.

"We would much rather be at home, but we very much feel that silence means consent," said Billie Gunn, toting a sign.

The concept was born out of a cable news commentator's call for a tea party to protest the financial-sector stimulus grants and inspired by the tax-resisting 1773 Boston Tea Party. Participants built TEA into an acronym for "Taxed Enough Already," emblazoned on hats and signs to demonstrate their irritation.

"I am here because I have an objection to outrageous government spending," Jim Gunn said. "Our leaders have put our country deeply in debt. ... This is getting out of control, and it is going to hurt our children and our children's children."

The public debt in the U.S. has grown from $5.6 trillion in June 2000 to $11.5 trillion in June of this year. Ara Adams, a speaker at Saturday's event, focused on school choice and education spending. South Carolina spent billions last year on education, she said. "I don't think money is the problem," said Adams, regional director for Conservatives in Action. "We lose one out of every two children; we are at a 50 percent graduation rate. We need to remind our legislators that they work for the people. The people don't work for them."

A study released by Education Week in June found the state has a 66.3 percent graduation rate. Adams pushed for school choice vouchers to allow parents to get tax credits to take their children to another school out of their attendance zones, or private schools.

The Myrtle Beach Tea Party, a grass-roots group of volunteers, was also collecting signatures at Saturday's event for a protest march in Washington Sept. 11-12. For more information visit About 60 to 90 people had signed up as of about 6 p.m., said volunteer Janet Spencer, of North Myrtle Beach. She got involved after last year's elections. "I was sensing our government was changing," Spencer said.



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More than 300 people braved the heat and sun
Glad to post them Comrade Square.

BTW, the UnNews' current truth is a bit misleading. There were around 600-800 people there. And the weather was exceptionally nice for July in SC. Low to mid 80°s, low humidity, and a good breeze.



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Ushanka tip to our reader Jon Quixote for the link -

Democrat Congressman Tom Perriello calls police on Tea Party outside his office in Charlottesville, VA

The picture is from that event - July 17, 2009. The Grave Diggers image is from our other thread.




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