I move to the groove of the People's Director!

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Inspired by early 20th century Russian Suprematism art, this design features an authentic image of Comrade Red Square, People's Director, Dept. of Visual Agitation and Unanimity at The People's Cube.

Unlike the AmeriKKKan supremacism of the white heterosexual males, Russian suprematism, originating in 1915, meant "the supremacy of pure artistic feeling."

You will know what "the supremacy of pure artistic feeling" means once you start wearing it on a shirt - it's guaranteed to make you look and feel supreme but equal.

Spread the word, give it to a comrade or your family unit! Use the tool in the online shop to select other colors!


Special thanks to Comrade Buffoon, who responded to my email last week with the line "I move to the groove of the People’s Director!"



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This could be the answer we've been seeking, make communism hip. I'm down with it.



The artist behind this, Kazimir Malevich, was ultimately brought to heel by the State's policy of Socialist Realism.

In the '30's his self portrait, expressed in State approved form, was signed in a Suprematic style. I don't understand why he wasn't executed as a saboteur. Perhaps the authorities didn't see it.



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Oh dear. I see that Comrade Malevich wrote a manifesto entitled "From Cubism to Suprematism".

Obviously his downfall. Shoulda stayed with TheCube™.




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Red Square wrote:
You will know what "the supremacy of pure artistic feeling" means
I tried that line just the other night on a lovely young lady at a local night club. The doctor said that my jaw will be healed completely in about 3 to 4 weeks.




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Yes, I noticed this when I wore my "I Am Breitbart" t-shirt to do some basic shopping. The cashier gave me that "daggers look." At first, I just thought he was scoping out my chest area, which normally gleans, at least, modest smiley faces, but was quite befuddled by his response.

It was then that I had my epiphany! I need to get one of those "I move to the groove of the People's Director" t-shirts, and fast! Otherwise I may be assaulted while going to my car!



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In this age of low-information humanoids, it's remarkable that the check-out drone even recognized Breitbart enough to give you a scowl.



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You know, Sugar Daddy Bear, I actually had that same thought during my "epiphany." Evidently, a relatively charming brother, who is paid to be courteous, actually does know who Breitbart is. I took that as a "Win!"

Truth is, he wasn't really that nasty, but he did take notice and was a bit taken aback. That's the key thing. My guess is he doesn't really like Andrew, just a guess. What if I am being too presumptuous and he actually loves Breitbart? It was really hard to tell. Oh well. One can only hope.

Come to think of it...if he actually liked Andrew, he would've said something. Duh.

Merry Christmas!